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Related article: Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 15 25th EDT 03 From: Rkydk aol. com Subject: Bros Bro Rkydk aol. com Andrew and Louis were two of a kind Everyone said it looked like twins , but Louis had dark hair with a cast of Andrew and light brown hair n with a melted. They do not really look very similar, but were so close to people took them were related. They worked together, lived together and walked together. They like the same girl, the same music, n and the same meal. I did not know Luis, but Andrew did more than friendship with him and Andrew was determined to go to bed. Andrew Luis loved the way he did, was short, nice smooth dark body with a large smile and a big ass. Luis was always so kind and considerate, but spoke and dressed like a gangsta ' boy. Andrew was also the same height, is not so dark, but with a slim body and incredible eyes. Luis is 22 Andrew is 19 One night after going to clubs Luis and Andrew came home, bodrunk and th stumble. The two knew they were going, but it did anyway, and fortunately they have left in the house or not kill someone somewhere. "Dude shit, I'm drunk," said Andrew. "Thank God we have at home without problems," said Luis. "I'm going to crash. I must work at 8 o'clock tomorrow " Andrew sighed. "Well, we are in the Tomorrow " Luis clear. Andrew went to his room and stripped off his clothes, he decided, sleep naked because it was hot. He stood before the mirror and looked. He admired the slender figure in front of him. n view of your chest underdeveloped and slender waist, pinched her left nipple becomes difficult and ran his hand over her naked belly of her pubic hair and began running his fingers through his thick hair hit the tail. with the other hand he got big balls and gently squeezed. felt his cock in his hand began to grow soft. With his right hand began toslowly pull his cock until it is full grown 7. 5 inches. Just as we began to , the speed of Andrew 's hand was caught by a large increase of accident in the other room. Andrew launched his shorts and ran from the room of his s. He looked around desperately to find the source of noise. that was from room to room until he came to the kitchen. There he met Luis on the ground covered with pots, pans and crockery broken. "Oh shit, are you okay ?" I shouted to Luis, who groan in pain. Andrew rushed to his side and began removing the debris of his best friend. "What happened ?" Said Luis. "I've been trying to get a loaf, so I could to make a tortilla, and put all the shit that slid down me. " Murmured Luis. "It's broken?" Andrew asked, worried. "It's all n broke? " Said Andrew. "I do not think so, but my ankle hurts like hell!" Moaned Luis. "Here, let me help" offered Andrew. He grabbed Luis under the arms and began to help. "Shit," cried Louis. " - What? What's going on " It's my back, I think it twisted when I fell - I Do not know if I can bear. "Luis cried. " We take it easy "offering Andrew to try to help. Little by little, Andrew was Luis de. Put Luis arm order to support the shoulders of Andrew of your car -respect. the couple walked Luis bedroom. You opened the door and were surprised to , the sister of Luis found asleep in his bed. closed the door quickly and quietly, with hoping not to wake her. "You have to sleep in my the bed tonight, I have forgotten to remain, saying that this afternoon called and needed n tonight that has" no Andrew said. helped Louis to his bed and lay with care. "interviewed in the early hours of the morning Bro you can wear pants for me, I can not even remember that much lean ? "Luis n asked Andrew looked at Luis and said. " No problem, mate "Andrew and reaches down and Nymphet Lolitas undid his jeans unzipped Luis was full of letters see white boxer Luis of ev tail.. s, but was soft. Andrew felt his own cock stir in his underwear. Fear of being Louis notice of its tail grows Andrew knelt to not see Luis in a position it. Luis lifted her hips a little, so Andrew could lower his jeans. Shoes Andrew retired Luis then pulled the pants completely. Dear Andrew legs Luis were so thin and dark. He just wanted to lick the on the inside of your thigh. " Brother, you can take my shirt off, it's so hot in here," says Luis. Andrew bent down and pulled the shirt Luis Luis on his bare chest and head. Andrew leaned back and fell smoothly into the chest of Luis with dark brown nipples and licked her lips unconsciously. "How is your return? " Asked Louis. "It feels tight, like I pulled something. " " If I would like a massage, tell the girls that have big hands," said Andrew luck. " That could help turn around to help me," answered Louis. Andrew helped make Louis. He looked down to see ass Luis " stuck to him. He loved theout of sight. It was small but cozy. that started rubbing the shoulders of Louis gently feeling his soft skin of war. This n made ​​semi -hard cock Andrews begin to grow even more. I have children of my dreams beneath me and I want to eat, Andrew believes that ,. "Oh !" Luis complained. "What 's going on? " Asked Andrew. " You are Pull my skin too tight. " Well, on a slope. " Andrew came in the box in your bedside table and took a little peppermint oil. " This is going to nice and soft and will keep you warm too. "Andrew poured some oil on hand and rubbed his hands together to warm them. Then went Luis rub shoulders. Luis complained a little. " It feels great bro! " " I told you I have big hands "began Andrew Luis back massage lasts n and then soft. Luis continues to moan and then lifted his little ass. " Dude, you have to go to get have their shorts, so they do not color with the oil. " He laughed, " Well, not fun stuff ' Luis. " Very funny, is afraid, afraid of having my hands on the body ?" Said Andrew. "Yes, I sportin ' wood now," murmured Louis laugh. Luis came to and began to pull his pants Nymphet Lolitas over his smooth ass. I could only up to half of all the ass and could not be higher. "Help me, Drew," said Luis. Andrew grabbed a hold of the rubber band boxer Luis done, he moved to the ankles Louis. Andrew could not believe it, his eyes, there was his imagination, and had to go through luck. " could be that Luis wanted to let touch me in places I 've always wanted? " Andrew thought to himself. " Put more of this oil , it feels so good and hot," said Luis. Andrew leaned forward and took the bottle of oil and put more into his hands when he left n and poured on the back of Luis. "Shit," he said. Andrew started rubbing all of Luis ' again trying to work on your skin. " We can go down to where my back hurtsrse just above my ass, "Luis is specified. Andrew worked with their hands even more in the back of Louis, until he came to beginning of the buttocks of Luis. He kept looking at this guy short n ate sample. it took everything in it, not to squeeze s and play with him. Andrew caught and immediately began looking to Luis Massage 'in the lumbar region. "Oh, yeah... that's exactly where it hurts, you do harder! " Andrew got up and stretch the legs of Luis for him to push harder on the back of Luis. I was scared, even though Luis was a feeling the hard cock in her legs, tried precaution, not far from thin down. Andrew pass Luis, deep massage hard for what seemed a eternity. Andrew looked at Luis and I thought it was asleep. "Friend, do not sleep on me, there are still plenty of oil to work in the skin. " " I can not help myself Your hands are like magic and I am very relaxed. Can you wash the rest of the oil? "Luis asked. " Fuck oh! This material is very expensive, I'm not going to lose. I y idea. Back and I want a full body massage, while I 'm at it "sent Andrew" By God, you must configure the boiler is not working in the restaurant. " Luis old. " Maybe next year, "said Andrew. Andrew has forgotten that his shorts were a big tent. Luis was gradually around and when he did Andrew was surprised. Luis had an angry hard. Andrew saw Luis thick, appeard in about 6. 5 cm thick. were huge smooth balls. "I guess you were not kidding No wood bro ! " Andrew said, amazed. " Dude I'm sorry, but it was the massage to I could not leave my cock hard to get. "Luis was smiling. " What n on the full body massage ? "Luis asked. " Are you sure you do it? "Andrew asked. " Yeah, just watch out for flying with. "The young guys were laughing so much n and smiled at each other. Andrew Luis began to rub shoulders, but this time from the beginning. Nipp Luis saw dark brownharden them. Andrew worked with hands down and rubbed his hands on the chest of Luis. that watched the face Nymphet Lolitas of Louis, his eyes closed, but it definitely was not the dream. Andrew could say this is really good, Luis felt by a slight smile on the face. Andrew ran his fingers through Luis hard nipple and began to just a hint, when Louis was a pleasure only encourages Andrew moan even more. Andrew looked hard cock and I saw Luis jump every time I pinched a nipple. Andrew also could be seen leaking of semen prior to the starting point Luis 's cock. Andrew has also noticed the wet spot is in front of their own fighters. Andrew worked with hands down in the stomach taught Louis and just above her pubic hair. He began to massage the heads of the legs of Luis. Andrew saw Luis 's cock seemed to grow. He looked up and Luis opened his mouth, moaning as if in silence. "Fuck ! " He said, quiet loud. " I'm for broke! " Andrew slipped below that opens Luis ed eyes. "What are you doing!" Said Luis. "How no knows what comes next, no pun intended. " Answered Andrew. In one stroke Andrew leaned over and took his cock pulsing in her mouth Luis flavor cum pre salt. Luis was a groan. "Oh shit, bro, I understand! Suck hot dick," he shouted. Andrew staggered slippery Luis tail " taking into account all of your throat. His cock tasted so good with him. With his left hand began to massage large nuts Louis. Luis began to pumping his hips and began face-fucking Andrew. "You suck better than any girl ever! " Louis muttered between moans. Andrew left the tail Luis freely from his mouth, made ​​a loud splash against the plane Luis stomach. Then he began to lick and suck big eggs. Right hand stretched and began to jack Luis, as he sucked eggs. Luis opened her legs a little more work than Andrew. "Lick nuts ", demanded. Andrew moved down and started sucking spot from Luis balls and ass. Louis bent his legs and spread them further apart. Luis Andrew kept jerking meat, "as he aspires. Andrew then put his hands on the knees of Luis and I lifted her legs. Luis moans stopped and looked at Andrew with an anxious look. " Do not worry bro, I do not know what you think, "said Andrew. Then he lifted her legs of Louis and dove face first into the crack soft Luis. he licked to understand. As Luis, took his own legs and lifted Andrew. Andrew then extended "cheeks exposed and Luis Luis hole. that was dark, but not because it is dirty, but because of his Latino complexion. Andrew began licking Luis narrow hole and get it all wet. put his tongue a bit and Luis left a grunt some and then complain. Luis reached down and grabbed the hard tail Andrews ' and pushed him through his underwear. Andrew was surprised, but I'm glad that Luis piston compressors. Luis came his insiderFederation and Andrews ' n y semen felt previously soaked cock. He started to jack s Andrew, Andrew cause of his tongue on my ass glued to Nymphet Lolitas Luis. " " Fuck ! "Luis growled. " I've never felt anything like this before! "Even while sucking hole grabbed Nymphet Lolitas Luis de Andrés Nymphet Lolitas and pulled his boxers by the cock of her s hard balls Luis revealed. Luis expresses balls Andrews. Louis never had before touching another man, but he was more and more fascinated Andrew. Luis put his hand under the ball of Andrews and found his way to the ass of his s. Luis took a little massage oil, even with n in chest and coated his fingers. He bore Andrews ' and insert of his middle finger inside her. Andrew jumped briefly, but then just moaned as licking continued, Luis hole tongue fucking virgin. Luis began to took off his finger and put it back in. " it is hotter and denser n than any pussy I've ever felt," said Luis. Andrew sat down and had the Luis legs and buttocks downin bed. that s about and came out a bottle of massage oil from his drawer. " This does not smell and touch, but not do the trick. The n A then took the cast and the entire bottle of Louis chest, abdomen, the crotch. He took the bottle on the floor and set on top of the Luis. Andrew came to the face of Louis and started biting her lower lip. Luis opened his mouth and kissed Andrew. the two boys ran n their tongues together as they kissed more. Both complained of that brought up his body oiled. his two tails were broken together and against each other causing friction, rubbing Luis closer the filming of his shop. "Bro Fuck! I'll shoot! " Stopped Andrew friction and to Luis" step. He began to suck the tail Luis up and down faster and faster while playing with his balls. It felt like Luis' cock get harder and his balls tighten and knew it wouldING cum. Luis was moaning and groaning louder and his body fully tightened. "Oh, shit, shit, shit. Beware friend I'll shoot ! " Said Luis. Andrew stopped swinging to and fro, and just started Luis straw while his throbbing cock in his mouth s. Andrew was the first spurt of cum hit the back of the throat. jizm Luis always was, shot for shot. Andrew kept swallowing, but the sperm shot from his mouth and on her face. The body of Louis his cock finally relaxed a bit soft, but still difficult. " Oh, my God, I have not cum in such a long time, I was throwing amazing dude!", Said Luis. Andrew bent down and began to masturbate if Louis pushed him to his back. "What are you doing? " Asked Andrew. " What do you now shut up, sit back and enjoy it! " Said Luis. Luis then get the same box that Andrew had taken the massage oil took one of the condoms Andrews. Then she lifted her legs Andrewsand stood up, pulling out a condom package with your teeth. With one hand he put the condom on his penis and began to jack s to be an increasingly difficult not need much. Luis was very hot and wanted n with his best friend in the ass for plowing. Luis spear in his hand and rubbed thick, lubricated by Andrew ass with her ​​saliva. Then put the tip of his engorged cock in tight hole shoved Andrews and half of the cock in " Damn, man, it's closer than I thought," complained Luis. Andrew in pain at first slowly slid his cock as Louis the rest of the cock s pushed all the way in. Louis and kept him there until Andrew used. He leaned over and kissed Andrew. He pushed his tongue in the mouth of Andrews and was playing his friend with the language tongue ring in the mouth. Luis began to pull his cock and then press n back in slowly at first, but then picked up the pace. Andrew was grunt with each thrust, but wereGrunts of pleasure. "Oh shit, Baby, pound my ass! " He shouted. The mattress creaked as Luis plungered her best friends tight little ass. Luis pulled his cock almost all the way and then put it back at any time. Both were shoot anywhere near his hot load. Andrew hit his own flesh on a skewer, as Luis of lubrication for him. Luis is even faster pace, and is faster, until Andrew could not take it anymore. "Fuck, brother, this is that it ", said Andrew. Andrew shot load after load on her belly and chest. Some of the shots hit him in the face. Luis looked at, his mouth open and eyes closed. Luis complained he shouted, almost, and that slipped for the second time Andrew emptying his hot juice the condom. Luis came out and took off the condom. Then it became in the head and chest hot seed Andrew, two hot mix asparagus along empty sperm. Luis was placed on top of the cum covered chest Andrews ' kissed helloM: " I ​​love you friend! " Said Andrew Louis. Luis smiled and placed his head on the chest of Andrews. Left there holding each other fell asleep. Andrew was awakened by the annoying buzz of the alarm. "Fuck, what is the time ? " He asked. When he looked up, saw Luis relocation with him. I was so stunned that I forgot last night. Andrew had finally lived his fantasy fuck with his best friend. Andrés turned off the alarm before it woke Luis. He just wanted to was there and sleep, these studies are small with no problems. As Andrew was there and thought about the events of last night, the tail began to harden. He instinctively moved his hand down and wrapped 7. 5 of his "cock. He started to gradually take up and down, looking n aked body as Luis. Soft 'Luis' cock, now at rest in the hair soft pubic. Andrew could see balls Luis' s large peacefully under the n Hahn, who had his ass beat last night. "Luis " Andrew whas he gently shook ispered Louis. "It must be cold outside. " Andrew slowly sat up and placed directly on the passage of Luis. He leaned over and began licking gently Luis 's mother. They began to pulling it with his touch. Then he took the whole dick in her soft Luis the mouth tasting the sweat and semen from the night before. The taste is Andrews' n cock even harder. "Enough," said Luis abruptly. Andrew sat with a look of horror on the face of his s. "Sorry, I apologize. " What happened last night can not go anymore, I was well until I had no idea what I did, "Luis screwed necessary. Andrew looked down and tears started forming in her eyes. "I I finally felt that more of you," she sobbed. " Look brother, I'm not gay, and I had no idea it was a" said Luis hatred. Andrew began to mourn stronger. He got up and ran to the bathroom , closed the door lock. after half an hour after hearing Andrews was sobbing Louis and limping tor the bathroom door and knocked softly. ".. Dude, salt... I n I'm sorry, I did not want to be so rude before... please come to Drew. " He opened the door slow and Andrew entered the room to forget Luis 's sister "was in the other room. Andrew came out as sat. "Hello... naked," he said sarcastically. Luis was at the door in the other room. " He was so drunk last night threw all his clothes and slept in the bathtub" Luis lied and tried to explain. " That's okay, no I have not seen the cock," he laughed reminded him that they slept together many times. "Well, as much as I would jump kid I got into this interview," said pick up her purse and opened the door. When she walked out the door went to Andres Luis threw a towel ", cover yourself before getting cold. " " Why have sex with me last night ? "said Andrew Louis. " I barely remember anything that s what happened the night before,I had drunk too much and smoked too much weed " Luis to respond. " You do not seem to fuck with me if you have pounding my ass. "" Look, I do not talk about it, and I would be happy if he never rose again, and do not dare to say any. " Andrew went to the bathroom and started the shower. Thought Luis Nymphet Lolitas about it and how much they wanted to see what had happened. " Why Luis do this to me ? "He asked. Although he was hurt by what the what Luis said he did not change the fact that Andrew had finally his imagination. When Andrew 's thoughts on the night before the began your cat hard tail, while at the same time playing with their near asshole. When pulled harder, pushed two fingers in and out of his hole faster. " Oh, shit ! " Exclaimed Andrew, who shot his sperm all over the shower wall. Andrew sucked the sperm that had penetrated his fingers. " Umm, God is my cum taste good. " After the shower was Andrew ADDRESSand d went to work. All day remained think of this Nymphet Lolitas as he could to make him or Luis still wants more. Andrew was grateful that Luis does not work today, I do not think that s would be able to cope. Andrew was thinking so hot cock Luis ' in the ass, got into the bathroom and went into the barn. Andrew quickly whipped his cock and began pumping his fist and angrily n until he shot all hands. Andrew once licked the sperm hands and turned around in the mouth. Andrew had never eaten his own sperm s, or different? For that matter. Suddenly, he fell in love taste. Andrew returned to work hoping that the next time you could shoot his cum and eat it. at the end of the day, as it closes all of his exams and is waiting to be ot pay for the advice Andrew met Edwin, one of the pool guy. Andrew realized I had always been. While Edwin was 16, Nymphet Lolitas he had the body and the n is a 22 years old. He was so hot. Edwin was uAndrew pa, "Make amount of money that today Andrew? " " I have not really tell," said Andrew. After some small talk Edwin went and saw him and saw Andrew This young latino ass good. Edwin Andres wanted so badly. Edwin pointed out is going down the toilet, so Andrew decided to follow. When s went to Edwin had his back to him and he was pissing in the urinal. Andrew went and used the urinal next to Edwin. As he took his cock that was limited Edwin tail. It was huge, and it was smooth. " Damn brother gives his father as a monster? " Edwin looked surprised, but annoying finished and turned to Andrew, while the tail. "Yes, I I think it's pretty big... you should see it hard. " Zipper of his pants Andrew happened to Edwin. " Well, we can see," said Andrew, to get to Edwin holding a soft tail. He started slowly stroking up and down. Edwin closed his eyes and moaned softly. " Do not you care ? " Andrew request. "No, no, as long assuck it, "smiled Edwin. " Not here, go to the ice room. "Andrew says he gestured toward the door. Edwin pulled the zipper of his pants and left the bathroom and on the ice room n. Andrew followed him into the room and closed the door. " Take your T -shirt," said Andrew. Edwin followed the command and slowly took his t-shirt to reveal her stomach a little soft, like a typical adolescent development. his chest was very well designed and it was soft as a down baby. Andrew Edwin went back and put his arms n him. gently kissed her back and hands up and down Edwin " left abdomen and chest. Right nipple was reduced Edwin ' and complained Edwin quiet. Then he put his right hand on Edwin " pants and covered his fist about the growing queue. Andrew licking the back of Edwin" neck - y began stroking his hard cock. Edwin could not sit still, he held sit against the ice machine was Andrew. Andrew had the rhythm of your stPREPARATION and felt the precum oozing out of the slot. Edwin came back and tight ass Andrew. He felt, as Andrew pressing his crotch in the ass. Andrew stressed the hard cock released. Edwin Andrews was " hand in my pants and turned round. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants on the floor. put his hand on the waist of his white underwear and pulled out to down. his cock jumped. Edwin " Now go down to me" is necessary. Andrew knelt and sucked and licked the balls Edwin. Andrew started rubbing his sore legs. He opened his pants and pulled out cock of his s cat started from there. Edwin turned and grabbed Andrew the back of the head. "Suck it studies, I will throw in the neck. " He s groaned. He forced his cock in the mouth of Andrews and began face fucking it. Andrew tried all the pre-cum leaking from Edwin. Edwin of his cock in and falling outside the mouth of Andrews WHAt appeared to be a eternity. Edwin Andrew bent down and grabbed her arm and pulled him with " clean," he asked. " What do you mean ?" " Do you have any illness stupid " " No, I am always safe sex. " "Well, not this time " Edwin replied, as he turned Andrew. Edwin bowed and spread the cheeks of Andrews, spit in the hole several times. He worked with his middle finger in and out, to loosen. Andrew groaned want more. Edwin spear in his hand. Then rub in the tail and down, it's nice and soft. Edwin put his cock all the way Andrew hole in one motion and held it there for a few seconds. Andrew in pain, but then began to push her ​​ass back hard cock. Andrew opened the door to the ice tray so she could raise her making s. Edwin Andrew fucked hard and hit his ass on the pelvis Andrews. Andrew loved it, the body of this young stud slapping against his own body to listen. Edwin started fucking faster and faster, while a growl. Andrew might say, the stud was close. Andrew struck its tail furiously. that his cum began shooting everyone in the ice machine. " Oh shit, I'm going to end.. " said Edwin. " Not yet, I need to shoot down my throat. " Stated Andrew. Edwin took his tail, a noise suck and turned back, while Andrew is forced to kneel over again. Andrew Edwin opened his mouth and stuck his cock in it. that s only put a couple of times and started shooting load after load of Andrews ' n mouth. Andrew swallowed Edwin "courage and licked his cock and nuts clean. Edwin took his pants inside his shirt again and then helped her up Andrew. " Thanks man, that was great ! "Said Andrew. " Do not worry that just had to go. "" Have you done this sort of thing with a guy before? " When asked Andrew. " Yes, Luis and I fuck n times. " " What Luis? " When asked Andrew to find out which of the n Edwin Luis had been with two. The lifeguard or Andréw is Luis. " lifeguard Louis. " Edwin said. Nymphet Lolitas "But I thought it was fair," replied Andrew. "Yes to bed," Edwin smiled. "I love sex n and blows his load, either at the same time, a man with a girl, or both. " Andrew asked me how fast it was able to get that Louis. Edwin went to the room and Andrew sat back down and down again. Later, when Andrew came home from work found a note from your specification Luis I would be out of town for a couple of weeks and talk dear, after once more in the last night. Andrew took the letter in his bedroom and placed it under his pillow. He thought about it, the last 24 hours and fell asleep.
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